Eileen M. Scherf

Financial Abundance

9 Reasons to Have a Home Based Business

  1. Eliminate Debt – 80 percent of those filing bank­ruptcy could have avoided it with an additional $200-$300 per month. A side business can supplement your paycheck.
  2. Boost Your Retirement Savings – 95 percent of retirement-aged Americans can’t afford to maintain the lifestyle they had while working. A home-business can add to your nest egg.
  3. Save For a Rainy Day – The average American saves only 1 percent of what they earn, and half of Ameri­cans under age 50 have less than $10,000 in savings.
  4. Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster – Experts estimate that only 2 percent of American homes are paid for. A home-based business may help you accelerate payoff by years!
  5. Buy The Car of Your Dreams – Having money to play with after all the bills means that comforts of the wealthy are now within your reach. Turn dreams into reality.
  6. Enjoy Tax Benefits – Business income is taxed differ­ently than “employee” income. A home-based business allows you to take thousands of dollars in legal deduc­tions.
  7. Spend More Time With Your Family – Self-em­ployment allows you the opportunity to set your own schedule and work “smart” instead of just long hours.
  8. Take a Longer Vacation – American employees re­ceive a mere 13 days of annual average vacation time—and often run into scheduling conflicts. Home busi­ness owners vacation for as long as and whenever they want.
  9. Be a Stay-at-home Parent – Nearly 2/3 of children under age five are in childcare. A home-business al­lows you to spend time where it counts—with family.