Eileen M. Scherf

Financial Abundance

Business Testimonials

“I started my Young Living business while I was at home as a mother and housewife and sim­ply shared the products with friends and family from my heart. My business has grown unbeliev­ably and has blessed me with the time freedom and financial freedom to spend more time and make many fond memories with my family. Be­lieve me, if I can do it, so can you!”
- Marcella Vonn Harting

“As Baby Boomers, we are focused on longevity with vitality. It’s not enough to live to the proverbial ‘ripe old age.’ Having watched our parents live out their senior years in nursing homes, in wheelchairs, on dialysis and ever-increasing drugs, we are committed to a different future. The “Secret” is simple: The best products at the most affordable prices, and compensation with limitless goals. The Nine Everyday Oils Collection is the starting place because throughout history, oils were used for their antiaging properties and Young Living’s oils set the universal standard for quality. Young Living has enabled us to truly envision a healthy and profitable future.”
- Janet and Joe McBride

“After commuting 10 years to a job 125 miles roundtrip from our home, I just love working in my home office! My expensive gas bills are gone and I have three extra hours in my day to just enjoy life. Thanks to Ningxia Red, and Young Living’s other powerful products, my husband and I feel younger than ever. The financial abundance we have created with Young Living has allowed us to enjoy exotic worldwide travel and special quality time with our grandchildren.”
- Janice and Carl Weger

“After taking a serious look at the business plan for this company I decided to go for it. Within 120 days I reached the rank of Sil­ver utilizing the “Distributor Team Bonus” and within 8 months I had exceeded my retirement income (after 30 years of lucra­tive employment). I didn’t even know what an essential oil did. All I knew was NingXia Red worked and it was consumable, so people ordered it every month. I use NingXia Red to start everyone.”
- Don Clair

“Being a stay-at-home-mom with two boys ages 2 and 4 is the most rewarding job I could ever be blessed with. With Young Living we raise our children in a natural, organic and chemical-free environment. I believe that my Number One job right now is raising our children, so I work my Young Living business when it fits into my busy mommy schedule and still earn a commis­sion check and contribute to our family financially. To stay-at-home moms or dads, I say if you love the products then become a distributor. These are natural products from the plant world, everyone needs them, but far too few people have ever heard of them. My children love all of Young Living’s products but their favorite is NingXia Red. It boosts their immune systems, gives them a natural burst of energy without the sugar high or low, and it tastes great! If my boys can drink a glass and ask for more, then anybody can drink it!”
- Christina, Tom, Jacob, and Zachary Heinis