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hiroko hibbard

Hiroko Hibbard crosses continents to ease bodies, minds and souls—and sees her check skyrocket.

As a young girl living in Japan, Hiroko Hibbard was a soul searcher. Spiritually guided since childhood, Hiroko struggled to fit in with the group-oriented Japanese society. “I couldn’t connect. I was too independent, seeking freedom,” she says. “When I turned 17, I received guidance to see another side of the world…”

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Janessa and Mary Anne Wallace

All-natural Mother Daughter team is a natural fit for Young Living

Jenessa Wallace Manley remembers her growing-up years being full of organic living— natural health remedies, gardens and herbs were just a few of the interests she enjoyed with her parents and two siblings. As a teenager, Jenessa began to learn about the chemicals and toxins typically found in soaps and shampoos, and she decided to embark on a new business venture with her mother, Mary Ann Wallace…

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Kristy Ayers

Kristy Ayers builds her business by centering on family

As a registered nurse with 20-plus years in the healthcare industry, Kristy Ayers had the best resources at her fingertips when she developed arthritis and fibromyalgia in her 40s. Following protocol, she received multiple shots each week and began taking the prescription drugs recommended by doctors to relieve the inflammation that had spread throughout her body. When Kristy reached the point where it hurt to push open a door or lift a cup of coffee, she knew it was time to try something new…

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Nida Gonzales

Gold-level distributor Nida Gonzales breaks new ground in the healthcare industry

As a migraine-sufferer working in a New Jersey hospital, Nida Gonzales had the very best resources at her disposal. A neurologist and friend regularly offered medication samples to give Nida relief from her headaches, but she began to be wary of the effectiveness and side effects of the medications. “I just didn’t feel right about it,” Nida says. “The migraines were getting worse, and I started to feel the side effects of drug therapy.” A clinical dietician suggested Nida try peppermint oil, so she bought Young Living’s Essential 7 kit…

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Star Moree

Star Moree increases the health of herself and others as a successful distributor

As a physical therapist, Star Moree had patients coming to her with chronic illness issues such as fibromyalgia, and she felt there was little she could do to help them. “I felt like a portion was missing,” Star says. “Prescription drugs weren’t always the answer for people. I knew we needed to get back to eating properly and taking a more natural approach to health.”

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